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Taxation of unpaid invoices: depreciations and bad debts

Companies may have difficulty collecting their receivables. These may be contentious or may become irrecoverable for various reasons. These difficulties have accounting and tax implications. Through this article, Recouvéo will help you understand on the accounting...

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Litigation management

Every business faces litigation. They reflect the client's dissatisfaction with the service performed or the product sold. Recurring litigation systematically delays the collection of your receivables. In order to achieve customer satisfaction and reduce late...

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The golden rules for a successful telephone dunning

Vous souhaitez mettre en place une gestion efficace et adaptée de la relance de vos clients en retard de paiement et vous ne savez pas choisir entre relance écrite ou relance téléphonique ? Faisons ensemble un point sur les avantages et inconvénients que présentent...

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The 5 stages of phone dunning

Phone dunning is undoubtedly the most effective form of recovery because it immediately establishes a dialogue with the customer, makes exchanges more fluid and allows to quickly clear unpaid invoices or litigation. To be effective, telephone reminders must be...

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Telephone dunning or written reminder?

You want to set up an effective and adapted dunning process and you do not know what to choose between written reminder and telephone dunning? Let us have a look at the advantages and drawbacks of these two types of reminders to determine which one is the most...

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Telephone dunning, master the para-verbal communication

When we communicate, we use more than just words! While verbal communication (the words used) is essential, para-verbal communication (tone, rhythm of the voice) and non-verbal communication (look, attitude, gesture ...) have a much more important role in our...

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Recouvéo is in L’Express

Recouvéo is in the special business edition of L’Express, September 27, 2017Find the interview of Recouvéo and our wide range of services for your receivables management.

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Recouvéo is in Entreprendre

In January 2018, Recouvéo is in Entreprendre the magazine of CEOs and business leaders Find the interview of Recouvéo, your the partner for an effective follow-up ofefficient receivables management your account...

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