When we communicate, we use more than just words!
While verbal communication (the words used) is essential, para-verbal communication (tone, rhythm of the voice) and non-verbal communication (look, attitude, gesture …) have a much more important role in our communication. It is not what is said, but how we say it that matters most!
Essential tool for debt collection, an effective phone call must be based on verbal and para-verbal communication. On the phone, the speech must be clear, precise, well-argued … but should also be complemented by a para-verbal communication to compensate for the absence of gaze and gestures that allow you to give more weight to your arguments when in face to face. To give more impact to your dunning, focus on the 5 keys to a successful nonverbal phone communication.

1/ Smile
Your interlocutor must hear you smile! It is a direct contact: you represent your company and must convey a good image of it. By perceiving your smile through the phone, your customer feels more confident which fosters communication and negotiation. This way you can convet your message in a positive way and maximize your chances of success.

2/ Use a joyful tone
The tone of your voice is very important because it determines the customer’s reaction. It remains a major asset and must be mastered:

– A higher key will help you catch you interlocutor’s attention and make them want to listen and

– A lower key will express your fatigue.
– A neutral key will express indifference.

3/ Be credible
Your pitch has to be perceived even before the meaning of your words. To be credible and convincing, you must be convinced of your speech and the arguments put forward. You must remain firm and not let yourself be destabilized.

4/ Pace your word
Silences mastered during a conversation are an excellent negotiation tool. They emphasize the importance of your remarks and allow your interlocutor to assimilate the information transmitted. By communicating too quickly, you promote misunderstanding and lack of credibility. On the opposite, a slow speech flow means a lack of determination and conviction. Be confident and choose your words!

5/ Articulate and use an appropriate vocabulary
The message should be clear. Be sure to articulate and use an appropriate vocabulary without being too technical at the risk of losing your interlocutor. Whatever is well conceived is clearly said …



These tips will help you catch your interlocutor’s attention while giving more weight to your argument.
Now that you have all the keys in hand for successful phone dunning: try to yourself!

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